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    Trusted Siding Contractors Providing Replacement & Repair Services in the Greater Minneapolis, MN, Area

    Your siding makes up the majority of your home’s exterior and plays an outsized role in its curb appeal, energy efficiency, and defense against the elements. So, if your siding is damaged or aging into a state of disrepair, it’s essential that you have the problem addressed as soon as possible to prevent costly problems such as water and pest infiltration, mold growth, and skyrocketing monthly energy costs. Fortunately, you’ve found the Greater Minneapolis area’s premier siding contractor: Wright-At-Home-Services. We are a family-owned and -operated home improvement company that always strives to provide our customers with the best service and value. Indeed, we do things the Wright Way, which means approaching our customers’ projects the same way as we would with our own homes.

    Whether you’re looking for horizontal, vertical, shake, shingle, or any other siding style, we have the solution. As your siding contractor, we can install a wide variety of options to suit your specific needs and budget.

    Siding Replacement

    If your home needs replacement siding, let our experts handle it. Unlike many other siding contractors in the Greater Minneapolis area, we won’t limit your selection or push products based on our own bottom line. Rather, we’ll offer a wide selection of siding systems and educate you about your options, helping you make an informed decision.

    For example, we often recommend fiber cement siding from the trusted brand James Hardie. This brand of fiber cement siding is an excellent choice for homes in the Greater Minneapolis area, as it’s manufactured for our specific climate zone and will never rot, warp, crack, or become infested by insects. It also features ColorPlus® technology—a proprietary, baked-on finishing system that keeps colors vibrant year after year.

    Our premium vinyl siding is another popular choice, as it is a highly cost-efficient yet durable and low-maintenance option. At Wright-At-Home Services, we even offer insulated vinyl siding to help boost the energy efficiency of your home.

    Looking for industry-leading protection for your home? Our steel siding is an excellent choice, as it boasts unparalleled durability. Or you can select engineered wood siding that features the natural beauty and warmth of wood without the downsides, such as high-maintenance requirements and susceptibility to rot.

    Regardless of which type of siding you select, you can rest easy choosing Wright-At-Home Services as your siding contractor. All of our installations are completed by factory-trained experts, and we provide industry-leading warranties.

    Siding Repair

    Whether your siding has been damaged by wind, hail, or another cause, Wright-At-Home Services can help. More than a siding contractor, Wright-At-Home Services is the Greater Minneapolis area’s premier storm damage repair company. When you contact us, we’ll start by performing a thorough inspection and providing a recommendation that is tailored to your home and budget. We can also meet with your insurance adjuster, ensuring that all damage is properly identified, thereby helping you receive a fair payout. In many circumstances, our customers’ repair projects are opportunities to upgrade to a premium new siding system from a trusted brand.

    Protect Your Home in the Greater Minneapolis Area by Installing New Siding, Soffit & Fascia

    Does your Minneapolis-area home need siding replacement or repair? Our 35+ years of experience uniquely qualifies us to give value-based recommendations. At Wright-At-Home Services, we install a variety of siding materials that make your home look beautiful while still providing exceptional protection. In our opinion, the right siding will bring out the full potential of your home’s exterior.

    The siding on your home is the external shell of your house; therefore, you want it to be properly installed and maintained while providing aesthetic appeal. Here at Wright-At-Home Services, we offer quality new siding installations in the exact color and design specifications you desire. By choosing us as your siding contractor, you get the style and durability you’ve always wanted with a reputable siding company, giving you peace of mind that the installation was done correctly.

    Exterior Trim Installation & Repair for Homes in the Greater Minneapolis Area

    Soffit Installation

    This is necessary for attic ventilation and to shed water from the exterior walls. You can think of the soffit as the underside of any element of a building. In terms of a residential home, the most common soffit is found in the area under the eaves of your house. The soffit extends from the side of the house to the edge of the roofline which closes the space beneath the eave.

    Due to the location of the soffit, it is more vulnerable to weather damage than any other part of the house. Any wet material can rot which causes the soffit to be repeatedly soaked by water from torn shingles, damaged or rusted flashing, ice dams, or poorly functioning gutters.

    Outside of the weather, squirrels and birds can also cause damage since they like to nest in the space behind soffits if they can find an entry point.

    We offer a wide variety of soffit styles and value-based solutions for your home including vinyl soffit installation, the addition of soffit vents, and any necessary repairs.

    Fascia Installation

    Fascia is used in conjunction with soffits for added aesthetics, but it is also needed for the installation of your gutter system. Fascia is the band running horizontally and placed vertically under a roof’s edge. Fascia is mounted on the exposed ends of your home’s rafters or at the top of exterior walls to create a layer between the edge of the roof and the outside. In addition to serving an aesthetic function by creating a smooth, even appearance on the edge of the roof, fascia board also protects the roof and the interior of the house from weather damage.

    In some cases when the edge of the roof is flush with the edge of the walls, the fascia board may include soffit for venting, while in certain situations the soffit may be hidden under the eave. The fascia board provides a point of attachment for your gutter system, which, along with the drain pipes, diverts water away from your home. This obviously ensures that water does not pool around your home during the spring and summer months. Fascia comes in a wide variety of materials to match your home’s exterior.

    Wright-At-Home Services can help you with adding or replacing fascia as well as repairs and repainting to better protect your fascia from the elements.

    Learn more about what makes Wright-At-Home Services a leader among siding contractors serving Minneapolis, MN. Contact us today to learn more about our complete siding solutions.

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