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Wright at Home believes in using the best tools for the job, no matter what. That’s why we’ve partnered with a leading homebuilder software to offer a FREE Project Visualizer. You can quickly upload photos of your house and “try before you buy” on a wide range of siding materials, designs, and colors.

We understand that siding replacement and repair can be a big investment—of your time and money. Our Project Visualizer helps you estimate costs, ask detailed questions, and see the results.

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Siding Replacement Visualizer

How to Use the Project Visualizer
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Siding Replacement Visualizer

How to Use the Project Visualizer

It’s fun, easy, and free! The house siding colors simulator software will quickly create 3D models of your home’s exterior so you can design new looks right away. Wright at Home will also deliver the design to you as part of our process. If you’re someone who likes to try it for themselves, you can do that too. Just create a private log-in for your project and snap some photos of the areas that need work. The rest is just a click away:

  • Create a log-in to the Project Visualizer tool
  • Use your phone to take photos of your home’s exterior
  • Start designing instantly with various colors and building products
  • Within 48 hours, your 3D model will be ready with highly detailed measurements to help estimate material costs
  • Make as many options as you like, and share them with our in-house design advisors
  • Schedule a free consultation and inspection

You deserve a home that looks as good as it makes you feel. Use the Project Visualizer to see how Wright at Home helps increase your home’s value with reliable siding and roofing products.

Project Preparation The Wright Way

Try Our Siding Visualizer
House with green siding that had house siding colors simulator by Wright At Home Roofing & Exteriors in Minneapolis, MN

Project Preparation The Wright Way

Try Our Siding Visualizer

From small repairs to whole home upgrades, our house siding colors simulator starts with the fun part. Use it to reimagine your home with new exterior systems, including roofing and siding replacements, that deliver superior weather and storm resistance. Using photos you’ve uploaded, this tool also sends our team detailed measurements from top to bottom, helping streamline material costs and labor estimates.

Starting with trustworthy tools is just one way we do things The Wright Way. You have complete control of your personal information at all times and choose what to share.

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Wright At Home Services

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As Minneapolis’s most trusted roofing company, we offer peace of mind with premium products, factory certified crews, and a Lifetime Labor Warranty for all roof repairs and replacements.

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Hardie® Siding

Wright at Home is proud to be a James Hardie Contractor Alliance® Preferred Member. We offer design, installation, and repair for fiber cement siding, soffit, and fascia.

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Vinyl Siding Repair

Update your home’s exterior with a budget-friendly, low-maintenance siding option. We match and repair existing materials or help you upgrade to a premium product that meets your goals.

Siding Repair
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Storm Damage Repair

We offer 5-star insurance claim repairs for roofing, siding, and windows in Minneapolis. Get worry-free repairs for your home with a FREE comprehensive storm inspection.

Storm Damage Repair

Do it The Wright Way

Minimal Stress, Maximum Satisfaction

Choosing the right exterior for your home is a big decision both emotionally and financially. The Wright at Home Project Visualizer gives you the added confidence needed to make informed investments in your home. This “try before you buy” tool has several added bonuses:

  • Lifelike 3D renderings of your home with the selected exterior finish
  • A greater understanding of what you should expect your home to look like when the project is completed
  • Reduced emotional stress caused by wondering “What if?” and second-guessing
  • A visual design plan for you to agree on
  • Reduced financial waste with accurate measurements for better material estimates

We understand that siding replacement can be a large investment in the equity of your home. It’s our goal to make sure you feel 100% confident in choosing Wright at Home.

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Free Inspection

Get an Inspection The Wright Way

You have a lot of options for roofing contractors in Minneapolis. Our team offers a no-obligation, free inspection with a comprehensive damage assessment and reliable communication to help you make the best choice for your home.

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Things to Know about the Project Visualizer
Is the Project Visualizer tool free?

Yes! We want you to enjoy the project process and offer this tool FREE so you can test new ideas as soon as possible.

Is it safe to put my personal information into this software?

Yes. Wright at Home only uses trustworthy software designed for the home services industry. has implemented security measures to protect your info, including email address, full name, zip code, and project details. You control all access to your profile and share only what you want us to see.

Why do I need a 3D model of my house?

Imagining small details on a large scale can be tricky. This 3D modeling tool helps you see immediate differences between styles and colors for roofing, siding, and more. It is not required before starting a project with us.

I have storm damage to my siding. Will this help when matching materials for repair?

Wright At Home will perform a free, comprehensive inspection of your home’s exterior and ensure all storm damage is scoped for repair or replacement correctly. We’ll also help you determine which materials are the best for your needs.

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