Roxanne Kaasa | President/CEO
Roxanne Wright Kaasa began working in the residential construction industry in 1992. In 2005, Roxanne started Wright-At-Home Services with the promise that the customer experience and a high quality product should always come first. She firmly believes that the home renovation process doesnt need to be stressful, intimidating, or confusing and aims to make our customers feel like a part of the Wright-At-Home family.

Phil Kopesky |Sales Consultant
Wright-at-Home Services ImagesPhil has over 19 years of experience installing and selling residential construction services. He has an uncanny ability to provide unique and innovative solutions to even the most challenging projects. His specialties include product knowledge and identification, hail damage identification, and extensive knowledge of the insurance process. Phil is always dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service.

Addison Kaasa | Sales Consultant
Addison joined the Wright-At-Home team in 2009. He is dedicated to helping our clients find innovative solutions for all of their residential home improvement projects.

His specialties include project management, insurance and hail damage assessment, and creating an unprecedented customer service experience.

Since joining the Wright-At-Home team in 2009, Addison has dedicated himself to providing our customers with an unprecedented customer service experience. He strives to help our clients find innovative solutions to all of their residential home improvement needs. His specialties include hail damage identification and assessment, and the ability to educate our clients so that they can make informed decisions. He is a 2010 graduate of the University of Minnesotas Carlson School of Management with a degree in Entrepreneurial Management.

Nick Wright | Project Manager/Operations
Nick Wright is a project manager for Wright-at-Home Services specializing in residential roofing. He has been involved in the exterior construction services industry since 2003. He specializes in on-site management, quality control, building code enforcement, repairs, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Aaron Parenteau | Project Manager
Aaron is one of Wright-At-Home's siding, roofing, and interior remodeling project managers. He spent over a decade installing residential siding, soffit, and fascia until he eventually moved on to residential renovation and remodeling. He specializes in building code interpretation, client management, job site management, and quality control.
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Wright-at-Home Services Images
Wright-at-Home Services Images
Wright-at-Home Services Images
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